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We are a cloud based, multi-lingual integral software as a service (SAAS) targeting the need of corporate LMS and academic institutions LMS transitioning from traditionally developed courses to an online e-learning education platform.
E-Learning Solutions for Training & Distance Education
SAAS,E-learning software and No Hardware Requirement on your end.

No Hardware Requirement on your end

Vydiatech LMS is SAAS (Software as a service) based, so there is virtually no hardware requirement on your end to setup and use our elearning software. With our Flexible plans and virtually no setup requirements you are up and ready almost immediately.

User Friendly LMS

User Friendly LMS with 24/7 Technical Support

Vydiatech LMS has been created keeping user in mind and has been modelled in a way where the administrator has an intuitive panel to manage the LMS with very less technical knowhow. Over and above Vydiatech Corp. also provides a 24/ 7 technical support to serve their clients need.

Multi-Lingual LMS

Multi-Lingual LMS

Vydiatech LMS is a Multi-lingual eLearning software with support for running your website in Global and Native Languages of your choice.

Classroon Training Business to an online training

Pre-launch Training on Course Preparation

It is a common practice that each company thinks the only thing that they need is a “eLearning software (LMS)” to get their classroom trainings to online trainings. Vydiatech understands and trains the client the steps that are actually required to get a Classroom Training Business to an online training solution service / company.

Easily Manage Courses i.e. Multimedia Content, Resources, Case Studies, Table of Contents, Question banks and Surveys

Easily Manage Courses

Vydiatech LMS allow the clients to easily create, manage and update courses i.e. upload, Update and replace Multimedia Content, Resources, Case Studies, Table of Contents, Question banks, Surveys, Multi-Currency Pricing, Individual Expiry settings for each item.

Content Management System and CNAME

Content Management System

Vydiatech LMS has an Multi-Lingual Content Management system that allows clients to publish their website on the LMS itself without need of any separate software. For clients who already have their websites, we map their website to our LMS system using CNAME so that process is seamless and we customize the look and feel to match their current website.

Define Categories, Geographical Regions & Online Training Complexities

Define Categories, Geographical Regions and Online Training Complexities

Vydiatech LMS allow the clients to add unlimited categories, attach courses to Multiple Geographical regions and add Training complexities (e.g. Basic, Intermediate and Professional etc.)

Create Module / Course Packages

Create Modules / Courses/ Packages

Vydiatech LMS allow the clients to add unlimited Packages in which they can combine multiple existing courses and sell them as a package. Each package can be priced differently and has no bearing on the course price.

Competence Profiler

Career Path Mapping Tool

Vydiatech LMS allow the clients to attach a Career Path plan into the course creation. Users can select a desired job profile and Vydiatech's unique Career Path Mapping tool can guide a user to their desired goal.

Subscriptions and  Memberships

Create Subscriptions and Memberships

Vydiatech LMS allow the clients to sell courses as Subscriptions and Memberships. Example: Clients can sell courses in Category Subscriptions and Site Subscriptions which are time based and allow the users to attempt any course during the validity period of the subscription.

Memberships can be of two types Basic and Premium where premium users get discounted rates on purchase of the course and special access to the restricted premium content.

Course Certificates and PDF Certificates

Individual Course Certificates

Vydiatech LMS allow the clients to attach Downloadable PDF Certificates for each course which are given to the customers on successful completion of the course.

Pre and Post Document Submission System

Pre and Post Document Submission System

Vydiatech LMS has a document submission system attached to the course / Package that allows the administrator to require user’s to submit the documents before successfully completing the course and certificate is only generated once the documents are submitted and verified.

Business to Business Ordering LMS

Business to Business Ordering System

Each corporate client has its own ordering system through which they can order courses / packages / Memberships. After approval and payment of the RFQ / Invoice they can allocate these courses to their employees. Vydiatech LMS has a unique supervisor account which allows the corporate clients to divide their employees in groups which are managed by the supervisors providing better management in case of larger employee base.

Manage User Types like B2C users, Corporate users, Authors, Expert Reviewers etc.

Manage User Types like B2C users, Corporate users, Authors, Expert Reviewers etc.

Vydiatech LMS has multiple categories of users based on the kind of responsibilities they have in the LMS. Business to Client (B2C) users are a direct traffic users that purchase courses/ packages and have no affiliation to any Business Customer on our system. On contrary, corporate users (B2B) are business users with multiple numbers of employees which have their own administration and manage their own Employees by allocating them courses, which are purchased in bulk by the business to business ordering system. Authors and expert reviewers are users who are responsible for authoring and reviewing the courses.

Vydiatech LMS discount


Vydiatech LMS provides a discount system for B2C customers who allows administrator to provide discounts on courses, packages and categories.

Create affiliates and Sales partners

Manage Affiliates

Vydiatech LMS has inbuilt Affiliate System which allows client to create affiliates and sales partners which can sell the courses on behalf of the client and share the revenue in the process. Vydiatech LMS has a user tracking system which tracks each purchases of the user and provide reports to the affiliate and administrator about the revenue in real time.

surveys attached to eLearning courses

Attach Surveys

Vydiatech LMS has surveys attached to courses to provide feedback on the courses that are being sold online.

General Reporting & On Demand Customized Reporting

General Reporting & On Demand Customized Reporting

Vydiatech LMS has inbuilt general reporting such as user course progress report (B2B and B2C), Affiliate revenue reports, Site revenue reports, Authors share revenue report, Quiz feedback reports etc. Vydiatech LMS also allows clients to request for on demand customized reports according to their needs.

Vydiatech LMS is compatible with multiple mobile devicese

Mobile Device Compatible

Vydiatech LMS is compatible with multiple mobile devices like Iphone, Ipad, Andriod etc. Vydiatech LMS courses are also HTML5 compatible.



Vydiatech LMS is compatible with SCORM/AICC Standards Used in Web-based Learning system. With Vydiatech LMS corporate customers can get the courses delivered right into their existing LMS without the need of maintaining accounts in different LMS.

Accept Common Authoring tools like Adobe Connent, Articulate etc.

Accept Common Authoring tools like Adobe Connect, Articulate etc.

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