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We are a cloud based, multi-lingual integral software service (SAAS) targeting the need of corporate and academic institutions transitioning from traditionally developed courses to an online learning platform. We are unique in that we provide a TOTAL solution for the preparation, management, and delivery of quality courses.
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Unlimited Webinars
Vydiatech LMS provides Unlimited Webinars Integrated with ADOBE CONNECT with customizable forms to capture custom data for webinar requirements. Webinars can be categorized based on the area of focus.
B2C (Business to Customer) Conferences

B2C (Business to Customer) Webinars

Vydiatech LMS provides webinars for all its B2C users wherein the client can create unlimited Webinars with a capacity of 100 attendees per webinar. Vydiatech LMS provides the facility of creating a pre-confirmed, post-confirmed webinars and free webinars.

  • Pre-confirmed Webinars can be purchased by attendees using the payment gateways options provided by the client and are immediately confirmed a seat in the webinar.
  • Post-Confirmed Webinars are not purchased instantaneously, but attendees have to show their intent to reserve their seat in the webinar by filling a form. Once the webinar is confirmed which is usually based on the minimum number of seats that the client wants to fill for the webinar in order to run it, the client send the Invoice email to the attendees that have reserved their seat. These seats are confirmed on successful payment on first come first served basis. 
  • Free Webinars are webinars that are mostly promotional webinars that are announced and hosted free of cost where attendees are confirmed once they fill the form of attendance.
B2B (Business to Business) webinars

B2B (Business to Business) webinars

  • Vydiatech LMS provides webinars for all its Enterprise users wherein the corporate account owner / supervisor can request the administrator to create and host an on demand webinar.
  • Administrator then creates the webinar and attaches the corporate account to the webinar. In the same time administrator attaches the Presenters / Authors to the account and also allocate a date and time of the webinar. An Automatic Invoice email is issued to the corporate account.
  • On Successful Invoice payment the webinar is confirmed and corporate account owner / supervisor can allocate attendees to the webinar which are essentially the employees of the Organization.
  • Employee can access the Webinar page using their corporate account and can request the corporate account owner / supervisor to add them to the webinar as well.
Certificate of attendance

Vydiatech LMS provides the facility of issuing Webinar Certificate of attendance to all the attendees of each of the webinars that has been hosted in the system.

Certificate of attendance

As an add-on, all webinars can be recorded and links can be hosted so that the attendees can view the webinar recording at the later date.

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