Customer Success Stories

Public Services and Procurement Canada Public Services and Procurement Canada
Canadian Securities InstituteCanadian Securities Institute
 Moody's Analytics Canada Moody's Analytics Canada
 Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs
RK StatisticsRK Statistics Ltd
Andaman MedicalAndaman Medical
Aaxel Insurance Brokers Ltd.-Aaxel Financial Services Ltd.Aaxel Insurance
Pharma Consult GlobalPharmaConsult Global
 Family Services of Peel CanadaFamily Services of Peel - Since 1971
NyaliSwiss Nyaliswiss Sagl
Acadustri Medical WritingAcadustri Medical Writing
Kings College LondonKing's College London
AmidisAmidis AG
Hildebrand Pharma ConsultingHildebrand Pharma Consulting
Titanium PartnersTitanium Partners Sàrl
Monturex UniversityMontreux University
 Robert Half CanadaRobert Half Canada
The Lion’s Share GroupThe Lion’s Share Group
G4 Broker - Digitizing Insurance for Everyday
BrokersG4Broker Management System
International Center for Capacity DevelopmentInternational Center for Capacity Development.
One1000 Training and Consulting is an enterprise with expertise on Social Service, Business, Government, and Life skill topics. Services have been provided for clients from Canada, Bangladesh, Ghana, Uganda, Guinea, Kenya and Ethiopia.One1000 Training and Consulting
NagimaNAGIMA Consulenza.
UGot | Active KidsUGOT Active Kids
The Toronto South African Film FestivalThe Toronto South African Film Festival
Credence Pharmaceutical ConsultingCredence Pharma Consulting
https://www.mortgagetrainingcentre.comMortgage Training Centre
GT Group Sàrl GT Group Sàrl
OMJ Mortgage OMJ Mortgage
Mantra Exclusive CanadaMantra Exclusive
Foka International CanadaFoka International
C Ways GroupC Ways Group
ITBD Group CanadaITBD Group

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The Testimonials

John DR Jolley - FR Pharm S, FCQI CQP (Pharma Consult Global Ltd , United Kingdom)

I would like to thank you and Vydiatech LMS for the help you have provided to establishing a very impressive eLearning website and online training service, it can not have been easy for you at times, you have successfully managed to guide the seasoned partners of Pharma Consult Global in the development of a substantive new extension to our International business activity.

Vydiatech patience and professionalism is an example to us all , which has achieved an excellent result.
Best wishes to very successful future.

- John DR Jolley - FR Pharm S, FCQI CQP (Pharma Consult Global Ltd , United Kingdom)

Marshall Beyer (Senior Director Moody's Analytics Global Education, Canada)

I worked closely with Harpal Singh for 9 months as the sponsor of 2 e-learning programs that Moody’s Analytics was implementing in India. Harpal was the project manager for these implementations which involved ensuring that all parties to the project both internal to Moody’s and our external Indian partner were able to deliver their parts of the implementation. Harpal was integral to the success of the project which was delivered within expected timelines and to quality standards. Not only did he provide excellent project management skills, carefully tracking and monitoring the progress of all parties and diplomatically keeping everyone on track, he brought tremendous knowledge of the e-learning business and Indian marketplace to the project, helping with problem solving and making many valuable suggestions along the way. In addition to his technical skills Harpal demonstrated excellent people skills and brought much enthusiasm to the project.
I would definitely welcome the opportunity to work with Harpal (Vydiatech Inc.) again if the opportunity arose.

- Marshall Beyer (Senior Director Moody's Analytics Global Education, Canada)

Sean English  (Director Content Development - Moody's Analytics Global Education, Canada)

I worked fairly closely with Harpal Singh (Vydiatech Inc.) for the past several months on two eLearning programs Moody’s Analytics was developing for clients in India. Harpal was the project manager for these projects working with our subject matter experts, instructional designers, production and marketing teams to ensure all parties were able to deliver their parts of the project requirements. Harpal was a key player to the success of these projects, managing the deliverables, timelines, and collaborations across many stakeholders. He brought with him a strong set of project management skills along with a professional and positive attitude to the projects. Additionally, Harpal was wonderful to work with, bringing with him a very pleasant and engaging demeanor. I would definitely welcome the opportunity to work with Harpal again.

- Sean English (Director Content Development - Moody's Analytics Global Education, Canada)

Daniel Carotta (AMIDIS AG, Switzerland)

It was a good experience to work with Harpal and Vydiatech LMS. Our goals were over achieved. We especially would like to mention his responsiveness.

- Daniel Carotta (AMIDIS AG, Switzerland)

Ifti Ahmed - Managing Partner (Titanium Partners Sárl , Switzerland)

“ Titanium Partners prides itself on working in a new way. In fact our name says everything about us, Titanium because we are a catalyst, we help our clients (partners) to achieve their desired performance in sales, marketing and team dynamics. Partners because we see our clients as partners and because we have no employees, only partners! So when it comes to choosing a technical alliance we were looking for a company that offers more than the standard. We (like our partners) demand commitment above the norm, we demand excellence. It is for this reason that we have been working with Vydiatech right from the start. Harpal Singh (Founder Vydiatech) has always been there when we have needed him and we are planning a number of revolutionary product offerings directly as a result of his collaboration. We would (and have) recommended Vydiatech to anyone who needs an easy to use robust e-learning solution.”

- Ifti Ahmed - Managing Partner (Titanium Partners Sárl , Switzerland)

Dan Day Robinson (GT Group Sàrl, Switzerland)

I am impressed by the quality of the online trainings designed by Vydiatech from the raw PowerPoint content that I provided. Their LMS is top notch and exhaustive, a lot of features like online course selling, webinars, online seminar booking with a lot of customizable features. What impressed me is the inbuilt CMS, I could build my own website inside their LMS, nothing was required separately. I was up and running quickly and now selling my online courses that Vydiatech helped me develop. Very professional, I am impressed. Thanks Vydiatech!!

- Dan Day Robinson (GT Group Sàrl, Switzerland)

Mahboobur Rahman - B. Pharm, M. Pharm, MBA (USA), PGDBM (Canada),  President & CEO (ITBD Group – Toronto, Canada)

At International Trade & Business Development Group we offers trade & business development consulting services, including export, import, marketing, distribution into Regulatory Affairs Solutions. We operate in the U.S.A., Canada, Europe, some middle Eastern countries, Bangladesh, as well as other countries in Asia and Africa. Being a Pharmaceutical Training Provider, we are constantly in need of eLearning Management System which could cost effectively help our consultants to grow their business for themselves and in the process help target companies in their online training requirements in a cost effective manner.

Our search for such a Learning management system ended with VYDIATECH’s LMS. It is truly a vast and diverse LMS which suited our need completely. I recommend it to all my customers and consultants wanting to start their Online Training / eLearning.

Kudos !!

- Mahboobur Rahman - B. Pharm, M. Pharm, MBA (USA), PGDBM (Canada), President & CEO (ITBD Group – Toronto, Canada)

Carole De Bruyn - Managing Director | Executive recruiter, ICF Coach & Mentor coach PCC Level

"I knew Harpal at the very early stage of his professional career in 2007. Back then, I had already identified him as a precious little gem. Characterised by a so positive energy and attitude, his vibrating charisma and his professionalism decided me to collaborate with him and I never regretted it. For the last 10 years, Harpal has developed his professional skills and personality through various positions, companies and countries. His flexibility coupled with his creativity and in depth knowledge made him a significant partner and support for the development of my business. The little gem has become an accomplished professional with very strong communication skills and willingness to make things happen. Harpal never see a problem as a problem but he would rather just focus on the solution making you feel so secure about the outcome. He always comes up with new and fresh ideas and do not hesitate to lift you up in case you need a boost of motivation. It is always a great pleasure to connect and collaborate with him. I strongly recommend Harpal for any project related to website development and Vydiatech LMS solution and many other IT related project. Thank you Harpal for our rich collaboration and thank you for being so generous in your work."

- Carole De Bruyn - Managing Director | Executive recruiter, ICF Coach & Mentor coach PCC Level

Dr. Neha Kotak CEO, Mantra  - The Universal Thread

I have the pleasure to work with Harpal Singh (Vydiatech Inc.) on my entrepreneurial venture right from concept to design and execution. A very trusted advisor, Harpal's passion and technical expertise was instrumental in launching my product in the market. He is sincere, dedicated and extremely service-oriented. Personally for me, his creativity, flexibility and willingness to go over and beyond are his unique attributes. He will not give up until you are fully satisfied with the solution or product. He is also lots of fun to work with - positive thinking, cheerful and upbeat always.
I will strongly recommend Harpal as a trusted, high quality and committed business partner!
I wish him great success in all his endeavours!

- Dr. Neha Kotak CEO, Mantra - The Universal Thread

Rahul Bondalapati - Shield Security Solutions (Toronto, Ontario)

Hi Harpal and Vydiatech team,

Thank you so much for building me an awesome E-learning website. I really appreciate all the help and constant support your company offered in the process of establishing my company.

I would be glad to recommend you to all my friends and family.

Thank You!

- Rahul Bondalapati - Shield Security Solutions (Toronto, Ontario)

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